Counterfeit Goods to Avoid during Black Friday sales

Black Friday is a period when all sorts of deals are presented to anxious shoppers on different stores. As such, you will experience an increase in Black Friday ads and deals such that you will not be able to identify which of the goods offered are genuine and which are counterfeit. Read along for a chance to get a glimpse of how to stay safe from counterfeit goods and fake products while doing Black Friday online shopping.

Reports have indicated that the value of fake goods in the globe is estimated at half a trillion dollars each year. With the Black Friday ads dotted everywhere, the chances are high that you might fall a victim of counterfeit goods this year. Here are some of the most products that are subject to counterfeiting.


The advancement in technology has increased the number of users of technological devices and other electronics. For example, phones are high in demand, and this has led to an influx of different models and versions of phones in the market. During your Black Friday online shopping, ensure that you authenticate any model and type of a phone before you purchase it.

    Laptops and computers

Considering the hype that is often there during Black Friday, few people take their time to evaluate the authenticity of any computers and laptops that they find online or in physical stores and hence, end up buying fake ones. For this reason, it is possible to purchase counterfeit products.


Fashion changes every day and hence, there are people out there looking for ways to make money selling poor quality designs and materials that resemble the original ones. Often such products will make it to some of the top Black Friday deals making it hard to establish the authenticity. As such, it is always important to be cautious when buying any fashion product this coming Black Friday.

While fashion products, computers, and laptops, phones are some of the highly counterfeited goods, they are not the only ones. The increase in demand for various electronics has also had a lot of pressure on manufacturing companies, which has led to numerous fake electronics such as TVs, kitchen electronics, among others, to counter the demand.

The majority of these goods are offered at amazingly low prices such that you would think you have landed one of the best Black Friday deals. You need to scrutinize such deals thoroughly before making any purchase.

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